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Southern Careers Institute
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Austin, TX 78744
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 A Note From Our Director

The Southern Careers Institute (SCI) Alumni Association was created to bring our alumni and communities together. Typically, when people think about alumni associations, they may think about begging their alumni for money. At SCI, however, we believe that our alumni association should be taking a very different approach, and continue providing value to our alumni and communities.

The SCI Alumni Association offers many programs to benefit our alumni, providing them with resources, grants, scholarships, and assistance to enhance their careers, and provide for their families. For example, our “Alumni-in-Need” program provides gas cards, interview clothes, or money to SCI alumni that may have fallen on hard times.

We are here to assist our alumni in furthering their careers, from resume templates to networking events and individualized assistance with their job searches. We are not your typical alumni association. We’re focused on providing for our alumni and making a positive contribution to our communities.We encourage you to attend our events [link to events page] and become a volunteer to help further our mission. Feel free to contact me directly—I am here to help.

Thank you,

Alisha Whitaker

Regional Director of Career Services
Email: [email protected]

Don’t miss out on what we’re planning…

Don't miss out on what we're planning...


Southern Careers Institute
1701 Directors Blvd., Suite 800
Austin, TX 78744