Phone Screening From the Other Side of the Phone

It’s important to know what’s happening on the other side of the table. What are the hiring managers thinking? How can knowing what they’re thinking help me prepare better?

Let’s focus on phone screening today. Even though some of you will be asked to come directly in for an interview or your SCI Connect profile does a lot of the “pre-screening” for you, there is a chance that you will still be asked to do a phone interview, and it’s a good thing to be prepared.

So, here are some things to keep in mind:

    • • The phone screening stage is your opportunity for the hiring manager to get a feel for the your personality, communication skills, and experience. By asking the right questions, they can determine whether or not you are worth investing more time.
    • • They use the following questions to evaluate your phone presence, fit for the role, talent pipeline score (TPS), and more.

o What do you know about their company?
o Why are you interested in this role?
o What do you think your colleagues would say about you?
o What do you think your boss would say about you?
o Tell me about what you’re most passionate about in the work you do.
o What does going above and beyond mean on a project mean to you?
o Please give me an example and describe a time when you went above and beyond?
o How are you performing?
o Where are there opportunities that you feel that you can improve?
o What does impact at a business mean to you?
o Where do you see yourself 5-10 years from now?

While we won’t cover how to answer each and every one of these questions, it’s important to keep a few things in mind and get in the head of the hiring manager:

1. Why are you special? What makes you different and better than the other candidates?
2. How can you help make the hiring manager or your new boss look good?
3. It’s OK to brag about yourself. If you ever do it, now is the time!! In this context, it’s not seen as being arrogant or cocky…
4. A hiring manager wants to hire someone that will ultimately help them.
a. …help them get a raise.
b. …help them do less work.
c. …help them look good to THEIR boss.
d. …help make their life less stressful.
5. Everyone reports to someone. So, even your boss has a boss and so on and so forth… Even the owner reports to stock-holders, investors (or their spouse).
6. Show them that you are the best fit and that you’ll be the one to help them look good!
7. Try to incorporate your accomplishments into each answer.
8. Smile. If you’re not smiling (even on the phone), the interviewer thinks you’re in a bad mood. I know it sounds silly, and it might feel uncomfortable, but it’s just one of those things.</p>

Stay positive. Stay focused. It’s not funny to talk poorly about your past bosses or managers. Show your personality, but stay professional. Put your best foot forward in your interview, and you’re bound to be sitting on the other side of the table interviewing people yourself before you know it! Good luck!

May, 09, 2017